Adfidia Test

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1) What is your job description as a virtual telemarketer? *
Spread false information, rumour or gossip.
Post contents provided with correct information with assigned captions.
Post irrelevant contents outside the approved contents
Promote unapproved brand contents on your social media accounts with misleading captions.

2) Adfidia Limited is a .... *
Agricultural exporting company
A Gossip Blog
A media & advertising/ PR company
A Betting platform

3) Successful work with Adfidia limited gives health insurance packages after how many months?
8 months
2 months
6 months
10 months

4) Michael is a virtual staff of Adfidia and still has a side hustle. He Received retail loans from Adfidia, how long has Michael worked with the company? *
6 months
52 weeks
10 months
90 days

5) How can you be recommended for employment in other companies by Adfidia Limited. *
By visiting the company website only.
After being trained and certified by Adfidia Limited
By downloading an App
By Promoting branded contents

6) As a Virtual telemarketer.... *
You work 9 to 5 from the office
You work with your laptop ONLY.
You work through the website at the office.
You work remotely from the comfort of your homes/offices/business location

7) Your Job as a virtual staff includes one of the following.. *
Selling different products for the company
Posting contents provided on your various social media stories alongside your personal contents daily.
Delivering products to different customers
Import and export of products

8) As a micro influencer, you build trust for brands while making money. *
Not sure
A & B

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