We believe almost every person with a social media profile has some level of influence in their circle of friends and family. Advertising has become harder than ever; this is why you cannot underestimate the social reach and advertising capacity of each of your customers/prospects. In fact, you need to learn to turn this capacity in your favor. Turning your customers into promoters can sustain your company’s growth in the long run.. ADFIDIA advocates for and educates brands around the world about peer-to-peer marketing. We aim to shift your focus from interruption marketing, where you think about where you showcase your brand, to peer-to-peer marketing, where your fans do the marketing for you. We know, implementing peer to peer marketing and making it work for you is easier said than done! But we are here to help you launch and optimize your peer-to-peer program/campaign to amplify your brand or your client’s brand, whatever the case may be. Promote that content, launch that new product by creating a buzz and hype. Get your customers talking about you, harness the power of their reach, and reward them for their micro influencing. That’s what peer to peer marketing is all about, and at ADFIDIA LIMITED, that’s what we preach.


We Aim to Shift the Focus from Interruption Marketing, Leveraging Peer to Peer Marketing, where your Fans do the Marketing for you.


To be Africa’s leading solution focused company that turns potential customers into your best marketing channel.


  • Value-centric
  • Transparent
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Communication


Pay your audience to promote your ad. It’s a Win-Win

ADFIDIA-the App is an emerging yet fast rising advertising/marketing platform that leverages peer to Peer method of Advertising. We provide digital promotion and advertising solutions to several consumer-focused brands. Members of our platform will boost your content thereby increasing brand visibility, touch points, give access to organic reviews and as micro influencers act as virtual cheerleaders of your brand. Ready to boost customer engagement, promotion and retention through the word of mouth? Then make use of our marketing tool, we are stoked and can’t wait to hop on your next campaign.


Get paid for promoting content

Join our large community members earning side income promoting ads for several brands. Brands pay us, we pay you to promote ad contents via your social media channel. This takes maximum of 30 minutes out of your day (morning and evening). Each successful day’s job earns you points which equate monetary value in naira.